Founder & Trustee


Ayesha Julka

Founder and Trustee of SAM, Ayesha Julka is Indian actor since 30 years in the Indian film industry. She is a passionate animal lover , and has been doing her bit for animal welfare since many years. She strongly feels that attachment with animals and nature is good for human health and helps build community. She feels from her heart and works with her emotions selflessly for the cause she believes in.


Sameer Vashi

Sameer Vashi is an engineer and the founder of SamRock Developers which has successfully completed various residential, commercial and industrial projects in Mumbai and Gujarat. He is the owner of a Boutique Resort in Goa.
Sameer Vashi has started philanthropic activities in the memory of his father Late Mr. Ramesh P. Vashi. He has adopted one Ashram “Bharat Seva Sangh” at Gujarat in 2004, where more than 100 students stay and get their education plus nutritious and primary healthcare. He also sponsors another school in Valsad with 60 boys for their food and education for the past 6 years.
Sameer Vashi has Started a feeders drive for stray dogs with a unique concept in Lonavala, where the stray dogs are fed hygienically and in a Clean environment very systematically.


Reena Naik

Trustee of SAM, Reena Vaishnav Naik is a Fine artist. With more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Human Resource Management. She is passionate about art and has been doing projects with Government on beautification. Being a strong believer in karma “ Do good “ is her motto and create a happy and safe space for all beings .


Harendra Mehta

Businessman by profession since more than 35 years in Textile Industry. He is hardcore animal lover and he believes it is Short of the love between a parent and their child, there may not be another love as pure and divine as the love between a person and their pet. Nurturing, attentive, and always up for playtime, pets are a quintessential part of country life, and we can't picture our lives without at least one. There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a pet. They show you affection, give you a sense of purpose, and greet you every day when you come home. He strongly believe to support cause and take necessary steps for betterment of animals life.


Nitin Shetty

Mr. Nitin Shetty, is an active environmentalist and an animal lover. Having learned the ropes of entrepreneurship from his younger days, he brings to the table several years of experience. He has contributed Cyprus Tourism Department in their promotion endeavours. He is an art collector and is an advisor to Jan Kalyan Seva Ashram ,a charitable home for the aged and orphaned children. He also has been District Governor of Lions Club International in Mumbai for the year 2015-2016, wherein he arranged various landmark events and need based service related projects for the society at large.


Satish Motling

Satish Vinayak Motling is the Founder and Chairman of SM Group of companies and is a multifarious entrepreneur leading his dynamic organisation with a futuristic outlook . He was awarded as Forbes Icon 2021.He is a Indian Film Director who has produced and directed many successful Marathi films.

 He is very passionate about educating the underpreviledge as he belives that education is the vehicle to help poor families out of poverty . His selfless behaviour sets a benchmark of ethics and philatrophy.


Praveen Shah

Mr. Praveen Nanji Shah is the director of Times Group of Companies, actively involved in the making of films. Driven by the mantra," Right Man for the Right Job" this dynamic go getter's nature is conscious of human values and creates a strong bond of relationship between human life and other life on this planet.


Nitin Agrawal

Honorary Trustee 

Nitin Vishwanath Agarwal is an elected counsellor for Lonavala Municipal counsel for the sixth consecutive term since 1996. Philanthropy is his strongest area.He is the president of Shree Satyanarayan Mandir Charitable Trust. He undertakes many activities like donation for Education , Health , Food and blood donation Camps. He has donated a girl's school bus for the rural area of Pawna. He is an active member Bhai Jagtab Mitra Mandal.. He is the member of the board of National Governing Body of social forum of Human Rights and is also the State president of Maharastra. He is always been involved relentlessly in social activities and firmly believe that he is the chosen one to be a medium for the all the good work he do. 


Dolly Mattoo


Dolly Mattoo , is an India Actress and a former model well known for winning the Miss India Universe title in 1988. She has acted in many films and TV shows. She is a die heart animal lover and believes in affectional relations between human and companion animals . Her thoughts and contribution is of a wider concern about the well being of all on this us.