Under “SAMMAD” we provide food and water to the community dogs in a hygienic and systematic manner near our homes. As a pilot, with the help of Lonavala Municipal Corporation (LMC), we have installed more than 50 attractive food and water feeder points in earmarked places of Lonavala & Khandala city. We choose responsible owners/Animal lovers from around to adopt these feeder points. The responsible owner maintains this point and gives clean water and food in the feeder bowls at suitable timings. By giving them food twice a day, we make these dogs healthier and happier. This will prevent them from scavenging and getting skin diseases or rabies. Which in turn helps our society at large.  It will also help all the strays to remain in a designated area and not scatter around, which can help in ABC programs (strelalizing and vaccinating).

As far as funds go, they are required for bowls, installations, sheds , painting and sign boards at all feeder points. Each feeder point has minimum 1 water bowl and 2 food bowls clamped with cement. Funds can be generated either from local government bodies, donors or responsible owners.
We look forward to create a locality of likeminded animal lovers and help by giving the strays a better life.

Our Aim
We aim at helping creatures that can't help themselves.

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

2. Freedom from discomfort

3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease

4. Freedom to express normal behaviour

5. Freedom from fear or stress