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"Spare A Moment" - Ayesha Julka Foundation is a Registered Trust formed in 2021,an initiative by AyeshaJulka who is an animal lover and working for years in the field of animal and social welfare. 

SAM-AJF provides a platform to come together and strengthen the bonds of unity in the community. With motto “Make A Difference” we work with different like minded people, organisations and government departments to strengthen legislation to protect any of these social issues and to keep our society harmonious, clean and green.

We are a Non profit organisation which is formed by philanthropic trustees who are involved in social welfare since years. In all that we do and we aim to find pragmatic solutions that benefit both animals/Environment/Education/Senior Citizen/Underprivileged and people. 


SAM- AJF have successfully implemented it's first ever concept of stray feeder points in India under "SAMMAD"starting with Lonavala and now in Mumbai, Faridabad, Ludhiana Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat and many other cities. To know more about "SAMMAD" read more

Animal Welfare
Child Education
Upliftment of Needy
Senior Citizen
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Our Mission

Care for Stray Animals, Promote well-being of the Senior Citizens, Save and Nurture our Environment, Help the needy with Education and Upliftment 

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Our Vision

Building a Future in which Humans and Animals live in harmony with Nature, where lives of our Senior Citizens are secure without feeling abandoned. 

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